New art

Multidimensional Mixed Media

I am not entirely aware of the origin of my aesthetic curiosity, but I have long been deeply motivated to capture and represent what I feel and see when I am visually stimulated by my surroundings. I suspect it lies somewhere between my mother’s quiet ease in outwardly enjoying even the most subtle elements of natural beauty around her and my father’s near-systematic and sometimes-stubborn ability to compliment color and style having, himself, been a career clothier. It seems every bend in the road affords me an opportunity for visual distraction.

With orderliness not being a priority, entropy has often been incorporated intentionally or found its way into in my recent foray in wooden sculpture assemblage—often eliminating the fixed focal points of my earlier dry-brush watercolor and, in the past two decades, my work with oil and acrylic renderings. In this new, physical, and dimensional medium, I have renewed and invigorated my artistic drive. Wood remnants, flotsam and jetsam from the shoreline, trimwork from renovated homes, and broken and discarded furniture—what I most enjoy about my work with salvaged materials are the stories behind my acquisition of them, and the opportunity to meld unrelated pieces into a composition that commands a second look.

Being drawn to deep contrast in pigmentary value, the juxtaposition of divergent shapes and forms, and the lucid embodiment of complex subjects, I construct.