Source of materials incorporated into assemblages

Source of materials incorporated into assemblages may come by chance as floatsum or jetsam found as the tide recedes or in piles or receptacles of or for discarded wood. It is hard not to value pieces found in such a manner that have the mark of workmanship of the balance of a day and skill of a long career whether in be in joiner,carving of lathe work from years past.More often though what serves as the Idus of inspiration is a unusual shape of something broken beyond repair or what remains after the extraction of something seen as more substantive that lay beside the donner wooden substrate.

B.I.W. (Bath Iron Works) a subsidiary of The GeneralDynamics Corporation has built ships for the US Navy since the turn nor the twentieth century and currently invested in construction of the prototype stelth era Zimwalt class after decades of Aegis class destroyer production.The newer vessels stem advance towards the waterline and tumblehome above and below top sides, in the later case similar to the CSS Merrimack.
I used in my initial Owl construction to represent the moon silhouette, what remained from the plywood square from which around thru deck cover was created to prohibit entry of foot or undesired debris.

Although uncertainty about future military budget allowance for further contracts and additional construction of vessels of this class-would seem to explain the decision not to retain these for later use, current mentality and procedure as well as providing job security calls for one time use and subsequent disposal. Other use specific wooden shapes are similarly treated.

On occasion acquaintances have Come forth with wooden trim they have salvaged from demolition sources at their homes or cottages where decay has necessitated replacement often with dissimilar material and style beause of invailability of material and craftsmanship. Such was the case with the “fleur de lis” used for the head and front legs of the painted turtles, in my experience more likely to stop traffic for sake of rescue than the presence of snake or skiddish rodent.