Reflections on my experience with photography

Except for a Christmas photograph of family and an occasional photo at a picnic neither parent was moved to capture the moment of the human experience or the wonder of land water or sky. My father was challenged by the Advent of the Polaroid novelty finding it difficult to push a sequence of numbered buttons after a specified interval of time and come away with a keepsake image.

My first camera and forre with photography was acquired and experienced as a result of it being a recommendation that I procure one as part of my pre-trip to Europe {destination Austria 1969 } provisioning . At that time of my life I had not knowingly connected with the Visual and artistically creative Side of my persona. I remember the camera was selected by one of my parents and was of a nondescript standard film issue.

The images I Took that summer Were black-and-white.I didn’t touch a camera until five years later when I began to develop the rudimentary skills I had been shown and began to develop after immersing myself in the studio courses I could register for as a self-proclaimed art minor, A much-needed respite from the rigors of a premed curriculum.

The camera in the spring of 1974 served to capture in low definition, images of the decks in and diagonally composed silhouettes of wooden beam trawlers, generally considered day boats and the rusting post-World War II larger outer bank vessels that in the late afternoon tied up at a number of wharfs on the Portland waterfront, exhibited exquisite tones in the spectrum of Orange to Brown.

I haunted these non-gentrified locations whenever I could when not working as a waiter between attending college and medical school. Many of the images from the few rolls of film I shot at that time served as reference for the watercolor painting I focused on for the next 15 years. My curiosity having observed my brother Peter delve successfully into oil as well as watercolor painting using skills that he had acquired also as a art minor during his own college experience ,drew me into representing what I saw and wanted to render using the former medium.

In the ensuing years I became much more aware and often possessed by my visual sensitivities that were encountered most often in the late afternoon when colors and shadows were deep in value and tonality and the mystery found in the latter captivating. My pension to have many irons in the fire at any one time, not all of which nurture creativity has fostered conflict ,preferring to indulge myself in the latter and the camera’s image now digitalized ,momentarily diffusing the tension of the moment. Clearly unrealistically hoping that what I photographed could be somehow brought into a painting at a later date.

Being barely aware of the interplay between f-stop and film speed I attempt to deepen the values of an image by directing the the camera towards the sun and partially depressing the shutter button to achieve what a experienced photographer would accomplish by manipulating the aforementioned parameters to affect what is desired. I would need many lifetimes of rainy days to review those images I have