A day’s reflection


Deep into October
Distributed on the edge of the incoming tide,
Broken glass
Not of ceremonial culmination
Nor in place of pumpkins
Simply, A task of seasonal repletion

Replacing what has left in the pockets of those from away
Or that buried in the strata of the beach
Generations have collected sea glass here
Worked from shard into jewel by the strength of ocean surge
Raked back and forth the sharpest edges vanish
These jewels have no facets

In the family parlence such pieces are”cooked’,
Ripe for the taking
Flat surfaces opacified by the action of sea
The abrasiveness of stone grit

The place where nature’s jeweler does this work
On the frontage of the beach
A evanescent location
Shifted by Moon, season and storm

Hapless visitors oblivious of their trespass
Indiscriminate in the glass they collect
Unaware of the beach’s incapacity for self repletion
With parallel ignorance to the source of that which they seek

Are now by signage and reproach
At the beach’s head
Guided to stewardship of their prize possessions
Blue red and green predominate
Returnable brown bottles
infrequent contributors to the spectrum of color of this favored repository.

When you come again
Come with pail in hand
Filled with broken glass and China
Giveth before you taketh away

aeb 10/15/17